Safe Touch Technology

 A patio heater from MENSA HEATING always have ’SAFE TOUCH’ technology. A unique feature which ensures that all products can be touched. At MENSA HEATING we have thought of every detail when it comes to safety. 

A special development by MENSA HEATING have led to a unique and patent pending SAFE TOUCH-function, which means that you can easily touch the products without burning themselves. The lamp is protected with a special grill, which provides this unique feature. Furthermore is MENSA HEATING’s products tested by several of the worlds leading test institutes.

No need to compromise

Our products have been designed to provide safety as well as warmth. As a result our Mensa Heating Patio Heaters can be used outside all year around. Before the final release Mensa Heating carried out vigorous testing. Furthermore we have gained an extensive approval and recognition around the world. All our products are certified and approved by governing bodies to ensure your safety.