Mensa Heating finally arrives to the UK and after many successful years in Europe and around the world, Mensa Heating is now available to purchase right here.

As an exclusive Mensa Heating Distributer in the UK, we introduce to you the innovative product you will fall in love with. Mensa Heating is environmentally aware and as a result, we are able to offer you products which really are one of a kind!

Living and entertaining in the UK can be challenging all year round. Summer evenings get crisp and yet we all wish to sit outside. Furthermore, winters seem to last longer every year so therefore, October is normally the time we draw the curtains and retrieve indoors.

What if we told you to forget all you know about the normal patio heaters? Here at Mensa Heating we have a solution! A range of products you will fall in love with to allow you to extend your summer season and enjoy outdoor entertainment all year around! This is now absolutely achievable with Mensa Heating’s infrared, outdoor range! Mensa Heating products have many benefits, for instance: low running costs of just £0.07/ph, being safe to touch and they are also waterproof. Furthermore, Mensa Heating is not only consumer and pet safe but above all, also environmentally friendly.

Our Products



Designed to adapt perfectly to your existing garden table, the product fits easily under your existing table making those long cosy evenings even longer.

Vireoo Pro

Intelligent eco-friendly outdoor heater designed specifically for cafes and restaurants. Build-in motion sensors and serial connection options, makes this product a perfect for any business within the contract market.


Developed and designed specifically for cafes and restaurants. This product is perfect for standing guests, providing soothing heat. At the same time this product can be used for advertisement


Optimize your balcony to the top. This product perfectly suits your small balcony, where the space is limited. Now you can extend your season on the balcony.

A patio heater from MENSA HEATING always have ’SAFE TOUCH’. A unique feature which secures that all products can be touched. At MENSA HEATING we have though of every details when it comes to safety. Read more…

We are pleased to introduce our new ULG (Ultra Low Glare) lamps. Following the requirements from our markets, we managed to lower the light with 80% without losing not even a single percentage of the comfortable heat. We’re very happy with the amazing results! So are our customers! Read more…

OUR PRODUCT creates innovative warmth technology. Our philosophy is to build the cleanest possible heaters. We offer unrivaled efficiency and performance in the market of outdoor heating. With CO2 savings up to 89% compared with conventional gas heaters. Read more…

Our timeless design is created by Mikael Mammen. Throughout the design and engineering behind the products, it is ensured that our products have a clean line which makes the products blend perfectly in with existing furniture.