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Our electric Patio Heaters are versatile and easy to use. All products come fully functional, and as such you won’t need to spend time setting it all up. All products are fully electric and have UK 3 pin plug. Therefore all you will need to do is find your socket and plug and play. Our outdoor heaters have a great warmth output and yet they are cost effective due to their unique design. With Danish design, and environment in mind, we developed products every garden should have. Safe to touch, able to withstand water spills and still keeping you warm, why would you even consider anything else? Find out more information about our amazing heaters below, order online or get in touch if you require more information. 


Private Use

Electric Patio Heaters


Heated patio table

Vireoo Private

Professional Use

Tall Electric heated patio table


Hospitality table with an electric heater

Vireoo Professional