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MENSA HEATING delivers the most environmentally friendly patio heaters on the market for outdoor heating. With these products MENSA HEATING will ensure that this new generation of patio heaters, respect the environment. With the most environmentally friendly products, MENSA HEATING is able to present a CO2 saving of 89% compared to a traditional gas heater.


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Imus outdoor heater by Mensa Heating UK is infrared patio heater which fits directly underneath your existing garden table. It provides eco-friendly outdoor heat exactly where you want it.  We designed it to fit under your existing garden table to make those long cozy evenings even longer.

This means you don’t need to buy whole new furniture set but use the one you have. Instant and comfortable heat will heat your legs and lower body.

Our infrared patio heater Imus slots easily under a table which makes it easy to take out or move back in after a pleasant evening on the patio, balcony or even out camping. Stylish handle at the top of the heater has been designed for customers in mind. Imus has two grills, one at the front and one in the back. It can be used indoors too but for best results outside space is best.

Imus only weighs 4.3kg therefore is perfect heater for all outside activities.

Imus infrared patio heater requires no preparation. Electric cord is 3 m long and can be used with extension lead should you want it further away. Simply connect the product to a power supply and you are ready to enjoy immediate soothing warmth. Imus is Touch safe and child and pet friendly infrared heater.


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 71 cm

Black (Back in stock 15/12/2020) Pre-order Now, Grey (Back in stock 15/12/2020) Pre-order Now, White (Back in stock 15/12/2020) Pre-order Now


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