Statio High Table Stand With Motion Sensor

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When you buy 5 or more Vireoo Pro or Statio Heaters you are entitled to one 60cm round Werzalit table top FREE.

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Hospitality Heated Table

Hospitality Heated table, Statio High Table is best used in outside entertainment area’s in hospitality industry. Statio is great for Leisure settings where call for heath is needed when customers approach the table. Smart motion sensor technology ensures your energy bills are kept low. Furthermore, Statio High table uses Infrared, ultralow bulb increasing your green credentials.

Statio is a perfect a solution for hospitality heated table with an integrated infrared heater. Designed for restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs. Electric infrared heated patio table Statio is developed to heat outside standing spaces. Extending hospitality outdoor season late into Autumn and Winter. As such investment into our Heated patio tables, such as Statio would see a great return for pubs and restaurants alike.

Perfect Heating Solution of outside space

  • Touch Safe Technology
  • Spill Safe
  • IP44 rating
  • Motion Sensing technology
  • Ultra low running cost
  • Infrared
  • Plug and Play

Green Credentials

Statio is  produces the output equivalent to the output of a 2000W lamp with only 700W! Mensa Heating uses only the best lamps on the market (Quartz Short wave). These lamps ensure 92% efficiency. Due to our unique construction of bipolar lamp housing and the lamps themselves, our heaters for restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs use approximately a third of the power to create the same output in heat effect.

This makes our outdoor heaters less expensive to run and close to a third in the Co2 emissions too.