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Retail and Hospitality Outdoor Heating Solutions

With Covid-19 forcing us to “think outside the box”, more and more retail and hospitality venues have re-designed and re-imagined their outdoor seating solutions for colder months. One thing you all have in common is a problem on how to keep your customers warm.

With retail and hospitality being hit the hardest when it comes to the footfall due to restricted space and numbers, we came up with a solution, that could change the entire aspect of your business. Our outdoor heaters, and outdoor heated tables are a perfect solution in increasing your seating arrangements as well as providing safety for all your customers while they are enjoying their meal or a drink outside.



Safest Outdoor Heaters On The Market

All of our heaters are child and pet safe. They use infrared so they heat what is around them but do not get hot themselves. This makes all our outdoor heaters perfect for retail and hospitality environment.

With our green credentials, Mensa Heating UK is environmentally aware. Saving energy (and therefore £s) is at the foundation of everything that we do. As a result, we are able to offer you products that really will reduce your carbon footprint, leading to a cleaner, healthier World!

After many successful years in Europe and around the world in retail and hospitality venues, Mensa Heating UK is here to enhance winter months trading for businesses which rely on their outdoor space all year around. Our ground breaking range of safe, green and money saving heaters are available to purchase right here, today.

With urban living and need for entertainment in your beer garden, as well as balconies, we bring you the most versatile, safe and environmentally friendly patio heaters on the market. All our outdoor heaters come with safety features, such as, safe to touch as well as Water safe. As a result, our heater will not stop working should there be an accidental water spillage over the unit.

Safe Touch Technology

No more worrying about the kids or the dog in the garden burning themselves on the exposed, hot parts of a conventional patio heater.

All patio heaters from Mensa Heating are equipped with our SAFE TOUCH™ technology. A unique feature which ensures that all products can be touched with risk of injury. At Mensa Heating we have thought of every detail when it comes to safety.

Environmentally Friendly

Here at Mensa Heating we have developed the perfect, most environmentally friendly heater that is equally at home in your garden  or in a commercial setting.

The heating element by Mensa Heating uses infrared quartz, short wave technology. It is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor heating resulting in a reduction in CO2 emission of between 85-89%, compared with conventional gas heaters.

Efficient Heating Saving Money

Firstly, the thermal radiation is transmitted directly to the users of the product without wasting energy heating the air in between. Secondly, instead of the heat being blasted downward towards the user from above causing a lot of wasted energy heating air.

Mensa Heating have developed a range of patio heaters which distribute the heat exactly where your body’s natural heat absorption is most efficient, in the legs and feet.


Vireoo Pro, Electric Heater
for hospitality market

Vireoo Pro is our eco-friendly
outdoor heater developed
and designed specifically
for Retail and Hospitality Market.

Vireoo Pro for the hospitality market

Vireoo Pro is our eco friendly and safe to touch outdoor heater developed and designed specifically for the hospitality market. With safety in mind, all our outdoor heaters have been developed and tested in all real environments. Furthermore, our heaters are not only safe to touch, but can also sustain a water spill without causing any damage to your property or your custmores.

Keep your customers there longer.

What Our Customers Say


Great heater and very eco-friendly also cheap to run, we went for the ‘Imus’ and it is nice and compact but gives out a good amount of heat and instantly. Safe touch feature is great meaning you don’t have to worry about pets or little ones.


Amazing product. Great for your garden, especially if you have small children or pets. So safe we installed ours next to our pool where we will enjoy English summer evenings!

Purchased it over a year ago and it has been used daily during the winter months. I have it in the office to provide extra heat and take it home in the summer for enjoyment of Summer evenings. We absolutely love our Imus!



Imus heater for
your patio
at home

Imus is our patio
heater designed
specifically with
the home in mind.

Electric Heaters for Hospitality

All our Electric outdoor heaters come with accreditation and safety certification. Our products are versatile and we can tailor Hospitality products based on your setting. With full venue assessment as well as complete product installation, we can take the hassle out of your garden upgrade. Contact us today and we will be happy to help with all your queries.