Safe Touch

Safe Touch Technology

Safe Touch Technology

All our patio heaters from Mensa Heating are equipped with our ’SAFE TOUCH’ technology. A unique feature which ensures that all products can be touched. At Mensa Heating we have thought of every detail when it comes to safety.

Our heaters are completely people and pet safe making our heaters perfect for domestic and commercial use alike.

The lamp is protected with a special grill, which provides this unique feature.

No need to compromise

Our products have been designed to provide warmth in the safest possible way. As a result our Mensa Heating Patio Heaters can be used outside all year around. Before the final release, Mensa Heating carried out vigorous testing.

Furthermore we have gained extensive approval and recognition around the world. All of our products are certified and approved by governing bodies to ensure their safety.


Electric Heater
for hospitality market,
Vireoo Pro

Vireoo Pro is our eco-friendly
outdoor heater developed
and designed specifically
for Retail and Hospitality Market.

Vireoo Pro for the hospitality market

Vireoo Pro is our eco friendly and safe to touch outdoor heater developed and designed specifically for the hospitality market. With safety in mind, all our outdoor heaters have been developed and tested in real environments. Furthermore, our outdoor heaters are not only safe to touch, but can also sustain a water spill without causing any damage to your property or your customers.

Keep your customers enjoying their leisure time for longer.

What Our Customers Say


Great heater and very eco-friendly also cheap to run. We went for the ‘Imus’ and it is nice and compact but gives out a good amount of heat and instantly. Safe touch feature is great meaning you don’t have to worry about pets or little ones.


Amazing product. Great for your garden, especially if you have small children or pets. So safe we installed ours next to our pool where we will enjoy English summer evenings!

Purchased it over a year ago and it has been used daily during the winter months. I have it in the office to provide extra heat and take it home in the summer for enjoyment of Summer evenings. We absolutely love our Imus!



Patio Heater Imus
for complete
peace of

Imus is our patio
heater designed
specifically with
the home in mind.

Electric Heaters for Hospitality

All our Electric outdoor heaters come with accreditation and safety certification. Our products are versatile and we can tailor Hospitality products based on your setting. With full venue assessment as well as complete product installation, we can take the hassle out of your garden upgrade. Contact us today and we will be happy to help with all your queries.