Vireoo Pro


Keep your customers longer!

Vireoo Pro is our eco-friendly outdoor heater developed and designed specifically for the hospitality market. Our infrared heating element is integrated into the base of the table.

The soothing heat radiates onto legs and up through the rest of the body mimicking the natural flow of heat which is way more effective than conventional heaters blasting the heat down onto customers’ heads. Your customers will feel comfortable and ultimately stay longer.

SAFE TOUCH by Mensa Heating

Our heaters are the only patio heaters of their kind to have SAFE TOUCH technology ensuring they are safe to the touch for people and pets alike. Our heaters are the safest outdoor heaters in the world! Your staff can have complete peace of mind.


Because Vireoo – Professional has built-in motion sensors, the heater only turns on when there is someone at the table. Not only does this reduce energy waste, it lets your staff worry about the important things like keeping your customers happy!

INCREDIBLE GREEN CREDENTIALS saving money and the planet!

The Vireoo Pro is able to produce the output equivalent to the output of a 1500W lamp with only 550W! Mensa Heating uses only the best lamps on the market (Quartz Short wave). These lamps ensure 92% efficiency. Due to our unique construction of the bipolar lamp housing and the lamps themselves, our patio heaters use approximately a third of the power to create the same output in heat effect. This makes our heaters much less expensive to run and close to a third in the Co2 emissions too.


Vireoo is Latin for ‘I am green’ which is no coincidence as our products truly are the most eco-friendly outdoor heaters on the market. Harmless infrared light is used to increase vibrations in the cells, which in turn heats up the body. Because the Vireoo Private’s heat source is placed to optimize the body’s natural heating system, the end result is a pleasant soothing heat throughout the body. The Vireoo Private also has a significantly lower CO2-emission than conventional gas heaters, so there’s really no excuse not to be outside!


When we get cold, the blood flows to the vital organs leaving you extremities to get cold. Mensa Heating patio heaters keep your feet and legs warm enabling the body to regulate a comfortable overall body temperature way more efficiently than more conventional, overhead heaters.


Vireoo’s technology reduces operating costs so dramatically, that you will feel it immediately. By switching to Vireoo from a traditional gas heater you will reduce your running costs several times over.

Currently when you buy 5 or more Vireoo Pro or Statio Heaters you are entitled to either a 10% discount or you can receive one 60cm x 60cm table top for FREE. Let us know which offer you prefer when ordering.



Electric Heater
for hospitality market,
Vireoo Pro

Vireoo Pro is our eco-friendly
outdoor heater developed
and designed specifically
for Retail and Hospitality Market.

Vireoo Pro for the hospitality market

Vireoo Pro is our eco friendly and safe to touch outdoor heater developed and designed specifically for the hospitality market. With safety in mind, all our outdoor heaters have been developed and tested in real environments. Furthermore, our outdoor heaters are not only safe to touch, but can also sustain a water spill without causing any damage to your property or your customers.

Keep your customers enjoying their leisure time for longer.

What Our Customers Say


Great heater and very eco-friendly also cheap to run. We went for the ‘Imus’ and it is nice and compact but gives out a good amount of heat and instantly. Safe touch feature is great meaning you don’t have to worry about pets or little ones.


Amazing product. Great for your garden, especially if you have small children or pets. So safe we installed ours next to our pool where we will enjoy English summer evenings!

Purchased it over a year ago and it has been used daily during the winter months. I have it in the office to provide extra heat and take it home in the summer for enjoyment of Summer evenings. We absolutely love our Imus!



Patio Heater Imus
for complete
peace of

Imus is our patio
heater designed
specifically with
the home in mind.

Electric Heaters for Hospitality

All our Electric outdoor heaters come with accreditation and safety certification. Our products are versatile and we can tailor Hospitality products based on your setting. With full venue assessment as well as complete product installation, we can take the hassle out of your garden upgrade. Contact us today and we will be happy to help with all your queries.