1. Best cost effective patio heaters to run

Electric Patio heaters developed by Mensa Heating are the most cost effective patio heaters on the market:

– For a private person with Imus, cost per hour is only £0.10.
– For a private person with Vireoo Private, cost per hour is only £0.10.
– For a company with Vireoo Professional, cost per hour is £0.08.
– For a professional with Statio, cost per hour is £0.08.

Prices are based on UK rates for private and professional markets. If comparing the running cost of Vireoo – Professional with a single gas heater gas heater, you can run 25 Vireoo Pro heaters or 23 IMUS domestic patio heaters for the comparable cost of just one gas heater.

2. Energy savings

Mensa Heating uses the most efficient heating system, with our infrared Quartz shortwave heating source. We convert 92% of the electricity into heat. This incredible efficiency is 80-83% better compared to other electrical patio heaters, and up to 95-98% savings compared to conventional patio gas heaters.

3. Safe to touch

A special development by Mensa Heating has led to a unique and patent pending SAFE TOUCH-function which means that you can easily touch the products without burning yourself. The lamp is protected with a special grill, which provides this unique feature. Furthermore MENSA HEATING’s products have been tested and approved by several of the worlds leading test institutes.

4. Efficient heating without waste

The thermal radiation is transmitted directly to the users of the product. Instead of the heat being blasted down towards the user from above causing a lot of wasted energy, Mensa Heating have developed a range of patio heaters which distribute the heat exactly where the body’s heat absorption is best. In the legs and feet. Mensa Heating products also heat only the people and objects – not the air.

5. Immediate heat

Mensa Heating’s products warms immediately after you turn them on. There is no annoying and wasteful warm-up phase and no waiting for the lamp to start warming either.

6. Environmentally friendly

The heat from Mensa Heating products is based on infrared quartz short wave, which is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor use. The result is a reduction in CO2 emission by more than 85-89%, compared with conventional gas heaters. Furthermore, Vireoo – Professional is equipped with motion sensors, which ensures that the tables are only turned on, when someone is sitting at the table.

7. Tables that network (B2B market)

All our tables are equipped with a socket in the base of the product so you can network together up to five tables. We can also provide a MENSA HEATING cable-shield to elegantly hide the cables and reduce the risk of tripping over any wires.

8. Danish design

The famous Danish designer Mikael Mammen is the designer behind Mensa Heating’s products. Furthermore all development behind Mensa Heating is Danish.

9. High quality

MENSA HEATING’s continuous selection of high quality materials also reflects in the life span of the bulb, which is 5.000 – 7.000 hours of normal use.

10. No mess and no rattle

No more soot, which occur when using gas heaters. In addition Mensa Heating is completely noise and odour free.

11. Ultra low glare lamps

Mensa Heating provide ultra low glare lamps in all of our products. We are pleased to announce our new ULG lamps (Ultra Low Glare).

With our own development, Mensa Heating have created a lamp which provides the same level of heat, but with 80% less light. This perfectly ambient light creates a unique inviting atmosphere with much less glare than any other infrared lamp.

The ULG lamp is the new standard in the complete Mensa Heating product range.

The ULG element from Mensa Heating is still based on infrared quartz short wave, which is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor heating.

12. Approved and certified products

Mensa Heating has the following approvals and certifications:

  • UL Listed – ETL
  • cETL approved – approved for Canada
  • ETLus approved – approved for USA
  • AS/NZS
  • RoHS
  • CE approved (read more on UK certification here)
  • IP44 Certified




Electric Heater
for hospitality market,
Vireoo Pro

Vireoo Pro is our eco-friendly
outdoor heater developed
and designed specifically
for Retail and Hospitality Market.

Vireoo Pro for the hospitality market

Vireoo Pro is our eco friendly and safe to touch outdoor heater developed and designed specifically for the hospitality market. With safety in mind, all our outdoor heaters have been developed and tested in real environments. Furthermore, our outdoor heaters are not only safe to touch, but can also sustain a water spill without causing any damage to your property or your customers.

Keep your customers enjoying their leisure time for longer.

What Our Customers Say


Great heater and very eco-friendly also cheap to run. We went for the ‘Imus’ and it is nice and compact but gives out a good amount of heat and instantly. Safe touch feature is great meaning you don’t have to worry about pets or little ones.


Amazing product. Great for your garden, especially if you have small children or pets. So safe we installed ours next to our pool where we will enjoy English summer evenings!

Purchased it over a year ago and it has been used daily during the winter months. I have it in the office to provide extra heat and take it home in the summer for enjoyment of Summer evenings. We absolutely love our Imus!



Patio Heater Imus
for complete
peace of

Imus is our patio
heater designed
specifically with
the home in mind.

Electric Heaters for Hospitality

All our Electric outdoor heaters come with accreditation and safety certification. Our products are versatile and we can tailor Hospitality products based on your setting. With full venue assessment as well as complete product installation, we can take the hassle out of your garden upgrade. Contact us today and we will be happy to help with all your queries.